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The Backroom

for all my dirty little secrets

11 December 1972
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My name is MontiLee and I'm a writer. I enjoy killing people with words like stab and bleed and eviscerate. I have a hard on for serial killers, specifically Albert Fish, but the ones that haven't been caught yet - tasty.

There are between 35 and 50 active eserial killers in the United States.

I write horror and dark fantasy and have been published in more than a few places.

Published works:

It's easier to head here http://www.montileestormer.com/i-can-be-bought/

I have an affinity for the kitsune at Japanese Shinto shrines and I sometimes wish I had a prehensile tail.

Writer, reader, all-around spleen-extractor, that's me.

I'm alternating between several mood sets::

Nightmare Before Christmas Credits:
♥ Put together by engravedheart
♥ Screen caps from callmefreak at cap_it

Shaun of the Dead Mood Set credited to villainousfruit.

(profile updated April 9, 2017)